Wuliang Baijiu 42%vol

Advantages and characteristics:

1.The taste of Wuliang Baijiu 42%vol can be described as rich, mellow, and smooth. Upon the first sip, one can feel the smoothness of the liquor without any harshness. As you continue to drink, you'll experience the fullness and richness of the liquor, with a rounded mouthfeel.Wuliang Baijiu 42%vol also has a long-lasting aftertaste. After drinking, the lingering taste in your mouth is pleasant and enduring, leaving you wanting more.

Overall, the taste of Wuliang Baijiu 42%vol is mellow, smooth, with a strong aroma and a long-lasting aftertaste, making it suitable for those who enjoy bold and flavorful white spirits.

2.Support customization: Zhengwang baijiu Industry can meet various tastes, specifications, packaging, and personal customization, meeting various needs such as drinking and collecting.

3.Formula: The raw materials for Wuliangye are sourced from Yibin City in Sichuan Province, China. Yibin City is the birthplace of Wuliangbaijiu and is known for its unique climate and geography, which is suitable for cultivating the five grains required for Wuliangbaijiu production: sorghum, glutinous rice, rice, wheat, and corn. These grains undergo processes such as fermentation, distillation, and ageing to become the renowned Chinese baijiu known as Wuliangbaijiu.

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Product description:

Wuliang Baijiu 42%vol is a classic Chinese white liquor with a long history and unique production process.

Wuliang Baijiu 42%vol is well-known for its traditional fermentation and storage methods. It is made from sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat, and corn, and undergoes multiple procedures during production.

During the brewing process, sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat, and corn are fermented using the sealed-crock fermentation technique, with natural enzymatic action and no chemical additives. This gives the liquor a rich flavor and unique taste. Sealed-crock aged liquor ferments at a slower rate, typically taking several months to several years to complete.

The uniqueness of Wuliang Baijiu 42%vol lies in its storage method. It is stored in ceramic jars, a storage method known as "seal-crock," which allows for a symbiotic exchange between the interior and exterior, enhancing the mellowness of the liquor. Due to the good sealing of the jar, the liquor can undergo prolonged aging, resulting in a smoother and more delicate body.

Wuliang Baijiu 42%vol has a bright and transparent color, a unique and intense aroma, and a mellow and refreshing taste. It possesses a distinctive sauce aroma, with a hint of grain sweetness and a subtle aged fragrance. In the mouth, one can experience the richness of the aged liquor with layers of complexity and a lingering aftertaste, leaving one longing for more.

Wuliang Baijiu 42%vol is widely loved in China and often served at banquets and important occasions. It is also highly regarded by liquor enthusiasts both domestically and internationally, being hailed as one of the treasures of Chinese white liquor. 

In summary, Wuliang Baijiu 42%vol is a traditional and unique Chinese white liquor with a rich sauce aroma and a mellow taste, representing an indispensable part of Chinese liquor culture.

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Sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat, corn, yam, water



Customizable jar and barrel packaging



Wuliang Baijiu 42%vol

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