Erliang Baijiu 60%vol

Advantages and characteristics:

1.Taste characteristics: light flavor Baijiu has a soft and delicate taste of 60 degrees, smooth in the mouth, rich and full liquor, and mellow in the mouth. The alcohol concentration is high, but through fine blending and unique brewing techniques, the taste is balanced and delicate.

2.Support customization: Zhengwang baijiu Industry can meet various tastes, specifications, packaging, and personal customization, meeting various needs such as drinking and collecting.

3.Formula: High-quality red sorghum is produced in the traditional Baijiu production base in Guizhou, China. Red sorghum Baijiu from Guizhou benefits from its unique geographical environment and traditional brewing techniques, which help preserve the distinctive flavor and quality of red sorghum. 

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Product Details

Product description:

Erliang baijiu 60%vol, with an alcohol content of 60 degrees, is a highly alcoholic baijiu with a strong aroma and unique taste.

Raw materials: Erliang baijiu 60%vol is made from high-quality sorghum, wheat, and other main ingredients, carefully brewed and fermented to retain the natural flavor and nutritional components of the raw materials.

Brewing process: Erliang baijiu 60%vol adopts traditional pit fermentation and unique distillation techniques, resulting in a rich and intense body with a powerful and deep flavor. 

Aroma: Erliang baijiu 60%vol has a rich and mellow aroma, with unique grain and grassland scents that provide a refreshing experience.

Taste: Erliang baijiu 60%vol has a soft and smooth entry, with delicate and silky liquor, high alcohol content, lingering aftertaste, and a sweet finish.

Brand value: With its outstanding quality and unique taste, Erliang baijiu 60%vol has become one of the sought-after premium baijiu brands by consumers both domestically and internationally. It embodies the essence of traditional Chinese culture and modern technology, representing the high quality and brand image of Chinese baijiu.

Whether as a gift or for personal consumption, Erliang baijiu 60%vol is a premium baijiu product worth trying and enjoying. Baijiu of the light aroma type is a traditional category of baijiu in China, known for its delicate flavor and smooth taste, making it popular among consumers.

Product parameters:


Alcohol content

Product packaging

Product specifications


Sorghum, barley, peas, yam, water



Customizable jar and barrel packaging



 Erliang Baijiu 60%vol


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