Erliang Baijiu 65%vol

Advantages and characteristics:

1.The taste of Erguotou 65% alcohol content Baijiu is rich and strong. It has a higher alcohol content, so the taste is more intense. It has a strong aroma, with a hint of grain and a touch of sweetness. The texture is smooth, the body is full, and the aftertaste is long-lasting. Its taste can be described as strong and fiery, with rich and complex flavors. For those who enjoy strong white spirits, the taste of Erguotou 65% Baijiu will bring them a pleasant experience.

2.Support customization: Zhengwang baijiu Industry can meet various tastes, specifications, packaging, and personal customization, meeting various needs such as drinking and collecting.

3.Formula: High-quality red sorghum is produced in the traditional Baijiu production base in Guizhou, China. Red sorghum Baijiu from Guizhou benefits from its unique geographical environment and traditional brewing techniques, which help preserve the distinctive flavor and quality of red sorghum. 

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Product Details

Product description:

The 65% volume of Erliang Baijiu is a high-quality white spirit produced by the Zhengwang Liquor Group. This product is highly regarded by consumers, not only for its rich taste and unique flavor, but also for the reputation of the Zhengwang Liquor Group in white spirit production, thanks to its rich history and experience.

Erliang Baijiu 65% volume is made from high-quality sorghum and barley as raw materials, carefully selected and processed to ensure the best ingredients for distillation. The distillation process is carefully designed to retain the rich flavor and aroma of the ingredients.

This white spirit has an alcohol content of 65%, making it a strong liquor with a powerful taste. It has a strong aroma, with hints of grains and a touch of sweetness. It has a smooth texture, full-bodied, and leaves a satisfying and long-lasting aftertaste.

For those who appreciate the complex flavors and depth of white spirits, Erliang Baijiu 65% volume is a perfect choice. Whether enjoyed neat or used for various cocktails, it provides a unique and enjoyable drinking experience. The Zhengwang Liquor Group is known for producing high-quality and authentic white spirit products, and the Erliang Baijiu 65% volume reflects their commitment to excellent quality and providing the best white spirit experience for consumers.

With its outstanding taste and superior quality, Erliang Baijiu 65% volume is highly sought after, whether for personal enjoyment or as a unique gift to friends and family.

Product parameters:


Alcohol content

Product packaging

Product specifications


Sorghum, barley, peas, yam, water



Customizable jar and barrel packaging



Erliang Baijiu 65%vol

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