Erliang Baijiu 50%vol

Advantages and characteristics:

1、The 50% ABV two-grain liquor has a relatively strong and robust flavor. It has a rich and layered mouthfeel, accompanied by a certain spiciness. When consumed, it provides a warm and stimulating sensation. Due to its high alcohol content, there is a noticeable spiciness while drinking, which may require some adaptation and adjustment. Furthermore, the 50% ABV two-grain liquor leaves a long-lasting aftertaste, leaving a lasting impression. Overall, the 50% ABV two-grain liquor has a strong and intense flavor, making it suitable for those who enjoy bold and intense tastes.

2、Support customization: Zhengwang baijiu Industry can meet various tastes, specifications, packaging, and personal customization, meeting various needs such as drinking and collecting.

3、Formula: High-quality red sorghum is produced in the traditional Baijiu production base in Guizhou, China. Red sorghum Baijiu from Guizhou benefits from its unique geographical environment and traditional brewing techniques, which help preserve the distinctive flavor and quality of red sorghum. 

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Product Details

Product description:

Erliang baijiu 50%vol is a type of Baijiu made primarily from sorghum. It is refined through multiple processes such as steaming, fermentation, and distillation. The production combines traditional jar fermentation techniques with modern equipment, blending traditional brewing methods with modern technology to ensure the purity of the liquor and its excellent taste.

Erliang baijiu 50%vol has a clear and transparent appearance. It has a unique aroma, a rich and mellow body, and a sweet and smooth taste. It leaves a lingering aftertaste.

With its high alcohol content, Erliang baijiu 50%vol is suitable for relieving heat and thirst. It can be stored for a long time without deterioration. It pairs well with various Chinese dishes, especially stir-fried dishes, braised meats, and hotpot.

As one of the classic products under the Zhengwang Group, Erliang baijiu 50%vol enjoys a high reputation in both domestic and international markets and is favored by consumers. Whether as a gift or for personal consumption, it is a great choice.

Product parameter:


Alcohol content

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Product specifications


Sorghum, barley, peas, yam, water



Customizable jar and barrel packaging



Erliang Baijiu 50%vol

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